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Agreement Structures

Agreement Structures

We have developed a range of flexible landowner alliances to ensure we can offer owners deal structures which suit their own requirements and their attitudes to risk and reward. In all instances, our agreements ensure landowners benefit from the realisation of the development potential of their land and property.
Freehold Purchase
Our capital up front freehold purchase with an uplift clause based on a genuine share of profits is our most utilised method of acquisition for owners interested in selling their asset. It allows owners to release capital on completion and retain a guaranteed share in the uplift in value when we achieve planning gain and sell the asset.

Promotion Agreement
We can promote land on behalf of owners who do not wish to sell their land but want their land taken forward within the planning system without the considerable financial burden of professional planning fees. Using our expertise and experience, we invest our capital in our joint pursuit of achieving planning gain. We take the risk. Where we are successful, we share fairly in the profit based on prior agreed proportions.

Joint Venture
LVA will invest as a minority owner, releasing capital to the original landowners. LVA pursues its role as a joint owner in its capacity as the ‘at risk’ promoter of the land. The original owners remain as the controlling majority landowner. Each party shares jointly in the rewards of a successful venture.

Please contact a partner at LVA for further information.
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  • LVA are also somewhat unusual in that we can agree alliances in which the owner can both realise capital now, but also hold a guaranteed, no-cost stake in the upside when we release the potential value within the land asset.

  • Our Agreement Structures contractually bind LVA to use all endeavours to obtain planning consents and to fund the entire venture. LVA adopts an ‘open book’ and transparent approach with all owners in the way we manage each project.

  • LVA’s flexible approach to forming business alliances is very much at the heart of what we do and is one of the main reasons why so many property owners choose LVA.

  • We offer three principle solutions. To work with owners but there are variations and hybrids to accommodate all requirements: