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Believing in the Projects

Believing in the Projects

Here at LVA, it isn’t just about the number of new homes our projects deliver to help deal with the national housing shortage. We believe in the wider range of social, economic and environmental benefits that can be provided by good planning.

Biodiversity is part of national, regional and local planning policies, where there is a focus on protecting, conserving and preventing the loss of existing wildlife habitat, with a view to increasing contact with nature. LVA recognise the importance of this in the design process and seek to deliver not only high-quality places to live, work and spend leisure time but also to recognise the wider community and nature’s needs.

Throughout all projects, LVA seeks to help establish healthier environments by ensuring biodiversity is enhanced, and that new habitats and green spaces are created. Considerations range from providing enhanced hedgerows, avenues and street trees, established native planting, specialist natural mitigation, pond and water planting, Sustainable Urban Drainage schemes and new pond ecosystems. All of these can go a long way towards providing an attractive and vibrant setting within an environmentally sound development.

LVA and its projects recognise the importance of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), as well as the effects of climate change and energy efficiency. Throughout all projects we are seeking a high standard of various solutions. In Somerset for example, LVA are working with a number of experts and bodies on how to deal with the phosphates problem. A few examples of our approach to projects are as follows:

Crewkerne – Layout proposals for the site have been designed around the retention of the existing natural landscape and vegetation located in parts of the site. Large areas of green infrastructure and open space provide ecological enhancements through landscaping, incorporation of water attenuation, habitat enhancements and new tree planting.

Tidcombe – This landscape-led, ultra-low carbon development proposal incorporates substantial areas of green infrastructure with the aim of delivering wide environmental benefits. This includes the creation of a new canal parkland area/leisure space, natural play areas and the inclusion of circular trim trails, all of which contribute towards a scheme that can demonstrate over 30% on site biodiversity net gain.

Westbury – This is an ecology led project where we have undertaken extensive consultation with the County Ecologist. We have provided suitable additional flightpaths and feeding habitats for bats but also large areas of open space, tree planting, wildlife, BNG, as well as benefits of public recreation.

The team at LVA also love ‘to get stuck’ in with local communities to cultivate lasting change in neighbourhoods. As part of this commitment, LVA partners are members of The Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group South West, a registered charity representing the region’s farmers and landowners in the delivery of wildlife conservation.

LVA and its team have recently been physically and actively involved in surface water attenuation close to the source of the River Yeo in Somerset. Below are some photos of the team and their children planting indigenous English species around a new bio diverse pond.

Our pledge is to provide gains in biodiversity, to seek sustainable development, and to give back to nature. We aim to do our bit.