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Ermine Street, Caxton, South Cambridgeshire


Edge of village development


LVA are promoting a 3-acre site on the village edge of Caxton in Cambridgeshire, which lies in close proximity to the new town of Cambourne. The proposed development of the site will form a natural and sympathetic extension to the settlement, including publicly accessible open space.
Having submitted an outline application to the Council for residential development in May 2018 (Ref. S/1849/18/OL), the application process has successfully been able to satisfy all the technical site requirements such as highways, drainage, flood risk and ecology etc. with no significant issues raised. The application was refused based on the principle of development being contrary to current planning policy.
South Cambridgeshire has a requirement to deliver a significant number of new homes to meet the needs of current and future generations and LVA believe this site can contribute to meeting this need within a sustainable location. LVA are considering the Councils decision and further updates will be made available.