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Greenfield - A selection





Helliers Lane, Cheddar, Somerset


Outline Permission for 67 Dwellings


LVA successfully obtained permission in May 2019 for up to 67 units in Cheddar.

Although initially resisted by some stakeholders, LVA were able to forge relationships which enabled the identification and provision of solutions to various issues in the local area. The project represents an example of communities and developers working well together to produce a positive, lasting legacy for the village.

A sale of the site has since concluded following a marketing campaign. The selected developer was carefully chosen in order to sensitively deliver the site in line with the high design principles agreed with the Parish Council. The developer will also be delivering the offsite connections for the rugby clubs and sports facilities, and foul sewage connection into the main network, which had been a local aspiration of the Parish for a number of years.