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Corporate Property

Corporate Property Assets

We have developed a Joint Venture platform which enables us to work effectively with corporations, institutions and businesses which own land and property that have development potential.  The asset can be surplus to requirements, underutilised or have a limited business future. Even assets which fully contribute to operations may have underlying development and added value potential which might justify relocation.

LVA provides its expertise and resources to accelerate and manage the planning process which allows assets to be taken to the open market with enhanced planning value. Our understanding of developer’s requirements enables us to deliver permitted schemes which achieve maximum value.

We set up Joint Ventures which allow organisations to retain the ownership of their assets, whilst allowing LVA to professionally promote through the planning process. LVA funds the promotion and uses its own resources to promote the project. Within an agreed strategy and time frame once the asset has been sold with the benefit of enhanced planning, LVA and the owners share in the upside.

We can also acquire assets on unconditional terms to release capital back in to the business. At the end of the project and once the asset has been sold with the benefit of the enhanced planning, we can pay an uplift to ensure both parties share in the additional financial success of the alliance.

To discuss a potential project or the service,  please contact us.
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  • We work with organisations which may own a single asset and those with substantial multiple land and property holdings. Their assets may have potential to provide alternative uses for commercial, residential and mixed uses.

  • Forward planning and agreed strategies can be a major advantage in terms of dealing with any on-site issues such as contamination, ecology and other environmental matters which can delay plans if they are not already managed correctly.