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Our Requirements

Our Land & Property Requirements

LVA seeks land and buildings where we can release development potential for residential and commercial uses. We pride ourselves on being able to reach quick and informed decisions on potential new projects.

Sites on the edge of existing settlements which do not yet have planning permission but where there is potential for appropriate residential or commercial development in the short, medium or longer term.

Sites of any size where we can add value through planning gain. We will look at cleared sites, derelict/redundant sites and sites that are contaminated, which in many cases can provide potential for environmental and economic transformation.

Income producing commercial investments with short-term income where there is future development potential for residential or commercial uses.

LVA is a fast growing business with a track record of successful land and development ventures.

•    We make quick decisions and we are flexible in the deals we do.

•    We acquire assets unconditionally with or without transparent long term  profit sharing arrangements.

•    We promote through the planning process.

•    We form Joint Ventures.