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The Community

Alliances with the Community

We seek engagement with the community and their representatives within a planning project. We seek to work together in producing the right development sites in the right locations but also the right form of development.

We accept that it is not always possible to reach full agreement. We recognise that there can be differing views. That said, all stakeholders should try to find compatible solutions.

Whilst we will maintain our belief that new housing is required in the UK in sustainable locations, our aim is to meet and listen to the community and its representatives whether in the planning offices, Parish Councils, neighbourhood planning committees or in open public consultations.

We believe in trying to establish and agree the community benefits which flow from suitable development. We believe that funding which flows from any S106 or CIL contribution should as far as possible be directed towards local needs of the people within or connected to the settlement.

We believe in balanced development, suitable for the needs of the whole community.

To these aims, we will seek to form alliances with the community and all those involved in the planning of each parcel of land. We do try to find a collaborative solution.